Large Redgum Burl Coffee Table


“Redgum Burl Coffee Table”

A one-of-a-kind coffee table created from an unusually large Redgum burl


Redgum Burl Coffee Table

with Steel Legs

Created from Large Regum Burl, Resin and Polyurethane Coating with Steel legs

Additional information

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 1600 × 430 × 740 mm

Redgum Burl

About Burls (Also known as Burrs in the US/UK):
Burls are the bulbous, lumpy growths that form on tree trunks, roots, and branches. They do not occur on every tree and can be hard to obtain (especially in the size of the one used in this table). What actually causes them to grow is still debated, although it is generally accepted that they are formed as a response to trauma inflicted on the tree– including wind, fire, animal or insect activity, wounds, bacteria, and fungi growth. Internally, Burls may contain bark, growth in multiple directions, twisted or compacted timber. All of this serves to create beautiful and unique swirls, birds-eye, and wavy grain patterns. Due to these features, they are very sort after by woodworkers, turners and furniture makers. Interestingly, Australian Eucalyptus trees are more susceptible to developing burls than many species.


approximately 1000mm diameter
Thickness of Burl: 60mm
Height from ground: 590mm


Charcoal steel legs


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