Natural Sculpture

Occasionally, during our timber specialists work of finding and uncovering the perfect stock for our products, they discover one of natures hidden gems: the hollowed out tree stump. It finds its shape – often over a period of hundreds of years – as it lay exposed to decay, wind, rain, sun, fire and wildlife activity. This process forms amazingly intricate designs that can be both surprising and exquisite. Consequently, each article is truly unique – never to occur in the same form again. Our craftsman, then lovingly prepare the hollowed stump to highlight its remarkable features. Each stump is internally lit with LED lighting. Each stump is also placed upon a wheeled timber pedestal – cut to match the stumps form, so that it can be easily maneuvered when it is exhibited in its new home.

Our “Natural Sculptures”  allow you to put on display natures sublime artistry  – the perfect addition for your home.