The Glo-Burl


The “Glo-burl” is a reminder that the most painful of life’s experiences can serve to form the most beautiful of outcomes.
This fascinating light has been fashioned from a large burl, a timber feature that is not found on every tree (especially in the sizes that we are utilizing). Burls are really the formation of abnormal bud growth cells that have developed into what looks like lumps upon the tree. The consensus is that most of them are caused by trauma to the tree (from wind, water, fire, cuts, disease, insects). Despite being difficult to find, and difficult to work with (they often require periods of resting as they are being wood-worked), burls are treasured by artisans. In the burl you discover the most unexpected of colouring and wildly unique grain patterning.
The “Glo-burl” presents the opportunity for you to own this story of trauma and redemption. We have lovingly crafted it from a burl collected by our timber specialists. It comes with five “Edison” style LED lights that are fully dimmable. This is the perfect light for a bedroom or as a feature light over a family kitchen table.

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Timber: We typically harvest burls from Red-gum, Mallee, Yellowbox and Coolabah trees. They vary in colour from a brown-red to a brown-yellow. Our timber specialists will work with you to choose the perfect piece.


Timber Diameter: 600mm (+/- 50mm due to natural timber variations)
Timber Depth = 30mm (+/- 2mm due to natural timber variations)

LED Light:

The Glo-Burl uses Osram’s “Vintage 1906 LED Edison” lights to achieve it’s historical look and feel. They incorporate a clear gold tinted glass and classic light bulb design that we particularly like.
Power: 7W per LED x 5 lights = 35W
LED output: 710lm per LED
LED Life Expectancy: 15,000 hours
Colour Temperature: Warm (2400K)
Dimmable: Yes


The Glo-Burl is mounted by a central post to the ceiling. Mounting hardware and templates are included.